Kids 'n Guns

Summer Day Camp Fresno.jpg

Rick and another pastor in the neighborhood give time and attention to the kids playing baseball or having them into the backyard to play on the swings that were donated to us.  The kids’ backyard looks like a junkyard and the front yard is dirt.  They play in our fenced grassed yard often, duplo everywhere.  One day the oldest boy admired Rick’s Chicago bulls hat stating it was his favorite team.  Rick asked if he wanted it.  We never see him without it on his head.

There are drugs and prostitution there and lots of LOUD music and plenty of weed all the time.   Both Rick and I have broken up fights and once some domestic violence mostly offering to pray when we hear the yelling getting out of control.  We loan them yard tools and always say hello.  We have fed them chilidogs over the fence and wave at the grocery store.  We call the police less and pray more and have seen an improvement in the general atmosphere.  Now to reach some of the multitude of adults that come in and out of that house and yard at all hours of the day and night.

As I am writing this, I just heard gunshots and am praying again.  There are lots of kids out now that the weather is warming up and school is winding down.  Your prayers are so crucial to us every day and we thank God for you regularly.  Thanks for praying for all our camps over the next several weeks and for our college interns who are working hard to help us cover all the details.