From Fresno to Camp

Dozens of kids to summer camps and dozens more to family camp; Over 1500 miles driven on the Tulare Community Church Bus from Fresno to the Oaks Camp; Countless hours of prayer, planning and work to gather forms and payments and medical information; Loads of water bottles and frozen go-gurts and of course the eternal, Word of God, His power, being planted in the lives and neighborhoods of the inner city of Fresno.

One of our interns graduated from High School this past spring then worked part-time for World Impact and part-time at a Laundromat this summer. This is her story.

“My parents are in the midst of a divorce.  My mom is hopeless and is still living in the house while my father does whatever.  I am the youngest girl and have been picked on always.  I am not accepted especially now that I am a Christian.  Just days before graduation, my dad kicked me out.

As a child I had attended Sunday School so I had a knowledge of God, but it wasn’t until I attended summer camps that I was able to pour my heart out to God and know that he truly loves me.  I asked God why?  Why do I cry when I worship? I asked God for help to be good but still my dad said out.

Sometimes it felt like changing wasn’t worth it because I would be put down.  But I know they have no peace.  I am trusting God more and this internship is a real blessing and I thank World Impact.”

She seeks out the broken at teen events.  She is full of joy and gives lots of encouragement and is very fun to be around.  Her leadership skills grew immensely this summer.  She organized and spoke up.  She has so much hope in Jesus.  She is preparing to attend college in the fall.

World Impact is switching to a quarterly prayer letter system so our next letter will be sent out in December.  If you want to keep in touch more often, please feel free to call, write, email or text, or you can check out what is happening ministry wide at our website or on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Thank you for your faithful support in prayer, finances and literally physical partnership by many of you at different times.