Eye Clinic Outreach

World Impact and Christian Layman Church have partnered together for three years in West Oakland and now three years in Richmond with Living Hope Neighborhood Church, for a total of six consecutive Eye Screening Events. This year was a record breaker! We were able to see 585 patients in four days and provide over 500 pairs of free eyeglasses. God provided an awesome group of volunteers to pull off the huge event. It was amazing to see God unite the team in such an impactful way and everyone involved could sense God’s mighty presence and abundance of peace and joy. Patients who had waited over five hours were still found chatting on the church steps for another hour after they had finished the process! God provide above and beyond: doctors, students, glasses, equipment, food, translators, patients, good weather, kid’s activity bags, and above all His love for all involved! We are so grateful for so many answers to prayer and so many lives impacted in such unique ways!

One person in particular is a volunteer from Living Hope who is going through the TUMI program. He and his wife were volunteering in the prayer tent and were re-energized as they prayed for others and shared God’s love. He was also greatly encouraged by one patient who came for prayer. He and his wife have been going through an extended family situation and this lady shared the same prayer request for her family. They prayed for her and she in turn prayed for them! God showed this man just how personal and understanding He is. He was blown away by God’s grace for his situation and left the week with re-newed faith. He is so excited to finish his TUMI classes and return to his hometown of Detroit to engage in ministry and impact the community with God’s grace.