30-hr Famine - Los Angeles, CA

Over the last weekend, starting on Friday, March 13th, LACS Middle Schoolers embarked on their yearly adventure called the "30 Hour Famine."  This is a World Vision-sponsored program where youth in different churches and groups across the nation spend 30 hours fasting and engaging in specific experiential learning activities.  The goal is for students to gain a deeper understanding of the plights and lives of impoverished peoples throughout the world.  Issues of social justice, poverty, hunger, and resource distribution become more real, as students spend the night outside in cardboard boxes.  The students also learn how to expand God's Kingdom in their own backyards by making sandwiches and praying for their homeless neighbors.  The leader’s goals for the students in the 30 Hour Famine are to: understand God's heart for the poor, serve out of their identity as God's beloved children, and realize that God's Kingdom is advanced through sacrificial love.

What a wonderful way to disciple our youth on global justice issues, while paying tribute to one of World Impact's key areas of focus:  "Demonstrating Compassion and Justice."  Special thanks to WI-LA staff: Lorraina Armenta, Doua Her, and Erron Harris.  By organizing this event and sacrificing their time and energy, they've given our youth a better understanding of what it's like to have nothing and how to care for those in need.