2001 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Bryan Cullison

Church Planter & Team Leader on Simple Church Team


Prayer Letters



Bryan was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, and has two sisters.  He graduated from Greenville College with majors in Social Work, Mathematics, and Computer Science.  He joined World Impact staff in January of 1996, and has since taught in the schools, been a youth minister, been a support member of the Life In Christ Community Church plant, led the South Hollywood Church Plant Team, and helped facilitate the plants of a few simple churches (some of which have now stopped).  He is now on a team with Ryan and Danielle Cummings pursuing an apostolic, Pauline model of starting churches.  He also serves on the Kaleo team doing youth ministry in and out of the Teen Center.  He enjoys photography, film, indie/rock/folk music, basketball, reading, art, strategy games, cooking, and his Macbook Pro.


Ministry Update

We currently have a simple church in the home of a family that lives across the street from Loren Miller Park.  This group meets on Sunday mornings from 10 am - 12:30 pm, and has been meeting since August of 2011.

We have another endeavor in the Pueblo Housing Projects in South LA.  We have been building relationships with residents there since June of 2012, and have been doing a Bible Study since June of 2013.  Please pray for the three major people groups that live there, that a church plant movement will begin in each of them—the Cambodians, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

We also have a basketball league running out of the World Impact gym.  This has been going since May of 2009.  There are 64 guys in this league, with 30+ guys on the waiting list.  We currently have a Bible Study after all the weekly Saturday games, but we are hoping to retool for this coming season to be even more intentional, multiplicative, and strategic geographically as we re-organize our teams and the captains of those teams.

We are beginning to implement some of the T4T (Training for Trainers) principles in our existing simple church plants, so please pray for this as well.