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CO-SPONSORED by Chris Broussard and the KING Movement

Join the Fall league! You can bring a team (and have everyone register here), or register individually and be placed on a team. If you register individually, we ask that you come to the Open Scouting Day (TBD), so the coaches/captains have a chance to see everyone play. The league fees will be $50/person, and will include a jersey you can keep, along with a guarantee of 8 weeks of games, plus a chance at playoffs. If you bring your jersey back from the 2017 season, you get a $10 discount on your league fees.

Games will be played on Saturday mornings. The league max is ten teams or 80 players, whichever comes first, and registration will be closed after that.

The official website for the league is here, if you would like to check out previous results. You should register there as well if you want access to the schedule, standings, rosters, weekly results, etc.

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If registering your team, please include the names, phone numbers, and emails of all the members here.