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Doug & Cynthia Peters

Church Partnerships & Volunteer/Group Coordinator & Member Care


Prayer Letters



Doug, originally from Canada, joined staff in 1990. He ministered in Watts about 9 years before getting married to Cynthia. They met through the ministry as she was a volunteer while attending Biola University and they got married in 1999 and continued ministering in Watts together.

After ministering a total of 15 years in Watts we moved closer to downtown Los Angeles and our World Impact National office.  We are now serving the ministry administratively, Doug is the church relations and volunteer/group coordinator as well as the website administrator our Los Angeles ministry.   Cynthia is a full time mom to our three children, she is also homeschooling them.  Cynthia leads the prayer team and enjoys being at home so that she can be available for ministry with our neighbors.  We are both involved in ministry as a part of the member care team.


Ministry Update

Our support is just under 100% again.

If you would like to donate online click on the link to the left where is says "Support" or in Canada http://www.worldimpact.org/canada/

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