The enemy of the Kingdom of God has bound men to the pleasures and concerns of this world. Men have lost sight of the Unshakable Kingdom. The return of the King is inevitable though. This present world will be shaken to the core and what's really real, the true eternal Kingdom of God, now invisible, will become visible. Righteousness, peace, and joy will rule in the Kingdom.  Until that day, the captain of the Lord's army is calling men to engage the forces of darkness and the cares of this world.  These warriors carry a shield whose inner core is one of honor. Their life is one of rugged sacrifice and uncompromising vigilance. These are the Unwavering Warriors who fight with valor for the expansion and advancement of the Unshakable Kingdom.

World Impact is inviting all of our West Coast brothers to come and hang with Jesus the weekend of September 18th-20th for World Impact's West Coast Siafu Men's Retreat at The Oaks Camp and Conference Center. Our theme for this year’s retreat weekend is, “Unwavering Warrior with an Unshakable Kingdom!”


Efrem Smith, the President of World Impact, and Enrique Santis, the Pastor of Manantial Ministerios de Amor, will be our invited speakers for the weekend. And Pastor Danny Martinez and his musical friends will be sure to rock the house with some incredible worship music. The conference will be in both English and Spanish. There will be many fun activities to enjoy at the retreat, including, paint ball ($20 additional fee), archery, zip line, and the partner course. Also, we will plan to have three break out workshops available during the retreat that will focus on TUMI satellites, Siafu chapter and training homes, and our Evangel Training School.


All of our brothers on the West Coast are welcome to attend. Please consider joining us. 

We hope to see you there!