Manolo & Jodi Saenz




Manolo and Jodi Saenz have been missionaries with World Impact for about ten years. Manolo started as an intern in San Francisco running the Men’s home at the World Impact Center. Jodi worked as summer staff here at The Oaks for three summers, and after graduating and earning a degree in Elementary Education at Spring Arbor University, she moved to Los Angeles. She ministered in Watts for four years, with an after school program and on a church planting team. Manolo moved to Los Angeles and soon after they were married in 2008, with their team, they started a simple church in their home in LA. They had their first child, Nadia, just after Christmas in 2009. Just before she turned one, they were transferred to Wichita World Impact. They spent three and a half years there and successfully planted a church plant, which Manolo lead until God lead them to a new Pastor, which was just before they were transferred to The Oaks. They had two boys while they lived in Wichita, Tytus and Neeko. They moved to their home, at The Oaks in June of 2014. Manolo currently works with maintenance and Jodi takes care of their three children as well as helping with different activities at the camp, when she can.