TUMI Coordinators

Los Angeles - Bob Lay  

Dr. Bob Lay serves as Dean of TUMI-LA, the largest and one of the oldest TUMI sites.  In addition to offering classes in English and Spanish, TUMI-LA serves as a training center for TUMI mentors, and a demonstration center for those who wish to see TUMI in action in preparation for launching a new TUMI satellite.  TUMI-LA helped to launch four new TUMI satellites last year, and several more since 2012.  Lay’s strategy is to visit and connect with churches, rescue missions, jails, and urban missions in order to share TUMI’s vision and mission for training thousands of urban poor leaders to serve among the urban poor.  God has a treasure hidden among the poor, lost, and broken of our city, and it is our responsibility  and privilege to work the harvest in this field

Bay Area - Aaron Roy

Pastor Aaron Roy is the TUMI coordinator for the Bay Area. TUMI classes are offered each semester at Living Hope Neighborhood Church, where Roy is the senior pastor.  Students from Richmond, Oakland, San Francisco and surrounding areas take classes at Roy's church. This TUMI site was established in 2013. It has great tool for Living Hope church members as well as local residents and transplant students. If you feel a call to ministry - specifically pastoralship and/or church planting, then TUMI is for you. If you want to deepen your Bible knowledge and correctly handle and interpret God's word, then you are also encouraged to attend. We look forward in seeing how TUMI impacts your leadership calling and equips future pastors and church planters.

Rich Esselstrom - San Diego

Rich Esselstrom has been the TUMI Site Coordinator in San Diego since 2002. He is also a TUMI Field Representative. During this time, Rich has enjoyed seeing hundreds of leaders being properly equipped by TUMI to serve in the urban setting. Students coming from dozens of surrounding churches are getting the Biblical knowledge and training they need to be the leaders God has called them to be. Rich is also on the national TUMI staff and serves too as a field representative. He enjoys playing a part in helping start other TUMI satellite sites in prisons, and the greater Southern California/Tijuana area.

Sharon Browatzke - Fresno

Sharon and her husband Rick serve together as TUMI site director for Fresno.  They continue to offer one class at a time in Fresno, CA.  Classes are usually held at local churches partnered with World Impact. TUMI classes in locals are held weekly by Rick. Please contact us for more information about taking a class or helping to facilitate in the Central Valley of California.