The Need

2014 Bay Area Vision / World Impact, Inc.

By donating a vehicle or funds to World Impact Bay Area, you are supporting a re-entry program targeting men with the talent and gifting needed to become urban Pastors and Godly community leaders. We locate these men through partnerships with Prison Fellowship Chapters and City Team Recovery Centers across Northern California. These men are handpicked, housed, mentored and discipled. They are also enrolled in a 3-year Seminary Program (a requirement while under the support of World Impact).  World Impact Inc. is one of the only national organizations offering quality seminary training to an urban demographic. The curriculum is comprehensive, practical and Biblically sound. 

Donation Specifics:

  • Vehicle can be any Year, Make or Model.
  • We accept all cars and trucks,  running or not.
  • Even with lost title, no registration and not passing smog, we still need your donation.
  • If your car has safety issues, don't worry, we have technicians who assist us after donation.
  • In many cases, vehicle donors receive a full "fair market value" tax write-off.

Donation Benefits:

  • Qualifying vehicles receive "Fair Market" deduction on taxes (full value!!!).
  • All running or salvageable vehicles are inspected, and when possible repaired and used for ministry.
  • Certain vehicles may be sold to needy families or leadership trainees needing transportation for employment.
  • If a donated vehicle is not repairable, it's recycled value is also used for ministry.
  • All vehicles are treated with utmost respect and appreciation.
Call us today: (415) 469-7494. I’d love to meet you and share more how we plan to transform under-resourced communities in the Bay Area.
— Paul Chan, Bay Area Dir.

World Impact is a nationally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. Donate with confidence! World Impact, INC. 107 Sagamore St. San Francisco, CA. 94112