We are excited that you have decided to come and volunteer with us at World Impact! We love the city (Los Angeles, in particular), and want others to love it as well. The city is a place of rich diversity, culture, and beauty. Cities are often the hubs of politics, media, business, and culture.  Yet cities also face unique challenges, caused by this great diversity, high population density, and economic disparities. The UN predicts that by 2050, 66 percent of the world’s population will be urban (up from 54% in 2014). In Northern America, 82% of the population lives in urban areas [1]. If not solely for sheer numbers, cities will play a significant role in the Kingdom of God.

People come to Los Angeles from all over the world. In Los Angeles County, there are at least 224 identified languages spoken [2] and 38.2% are foreign born [3]. We believe that by reaching individuals in Los Angeles, we could effectively reach communities across the world! (Hence, the reason we are called World Impact, even though our ministries are primarily based in the United States.)

As missionaries, we have come to impact others, but we have also had our own lives be changed and transformed in amazing ways by our experiences in the city. We hope and pray that your time in the city will similarly impact your lives and expand your vision of who God is and how He is currently working. 

Below you will find a visual for the general flow of volunteer involvement with World Impact-Los Angeles.
We would ask that you consider where you and/or your group are in your desire to serve with us based on the options you see, and then follow the steps toward that goal. There are a variety of volunteer training and orientation elements below, each with a description and an estimated amount of time to work through them. You will be required to complete all those elements listed in your level, plus all the ones below that. You may do this online or download the pdf of the entire volunteer training handbook here. Please let us know how we may be of assistance as you consider serving with us!





Nothing is required for this level of volunteer, but we would ask that you optionally read about World Impact's Vision and Purpose. We hope that even by the little time you spend investing in and learning from our community, you would be encouraged by what is happening and want to learn more and get more involved!

World Impact Vision and Purpose

World Impact is a Christian missions organization committed to facilitating church-planting movements by evangelizing, equipping and empowering the unchurched urban poor. World Impact’s purpose is to honor and glorify God and to delight in Him among the unchurched urban poor by knowing God and making Him known.






For serving at this level, we would ask that you read World Impact's Vision and Purpose (found in Level Zero), complete all of the Level One and Level Two elements, as well as the following.

"Models of Effective Compassion: Dr. John Perkins and the Three R's of Community Development"