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Set aside next Thursday, May 31st, 2018.

If you want to virtually and financially invest your day with us, take intentional time with us next Thursday to watch curated stories and videos sent your way throughout the day highlighting different aspects of what we do here in Los Angeles. Engage and learn that day (breaks or lunch) to watch videos, read stories, or educate yourself on what World Impact is doing, urban justice issues, urban church planting, etc. For us to be able to send you all of the content, please sign up below with your email address. It will only be used for this one day, not to put on our mailing list (unless you indicate specifically that you want this):

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Choose a focus.

After you have seen the videos and read the stories, decide on one or some that you would like to support, volunteer with, or learn more about. There are lots of missionaries, ministries, and programs, and all of them need your support. Browse through the World Impact LA StaffWI Ministry Summaries, or WI-LA Media Hub if you want more ideas.

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Choose an amount.

Decide to donate the equivalent of a full day's salary, or part of a day, or multiple days. Know that whatever you choose, funds will be going toward a focus for which you have a passion.

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Be a champion.

Share, share, share. Let people know about this and recruit them to do the same. Make it a work event! Have your employer, family, team, class, or church adopt a cause or missionary or program. Advertise it ahead of time and make it a contest. In short, be creative! Use this link ( to share with your circle of influence!

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Finish well.

After you have had your day, collect the funds from your team or group or just yourself, and/or use the following links to give or find your target fund. For the "Search for a Ministry" button, it will have a search window for you to type in your focus. If your focus does not come up, contact the LA City Director for how to give to it. For the "WI-LA Staff" button, find the missionary of your choice and click on the "Support" button.

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Celebrate and Commit!

Rejoice that you have significantly made a difference in the life of a student, returning citizen, young entrepreneur, pastor, or some other target of your support. Commit to doing this next year, or choose a day to invest again and make it an event with your circle of influence!