World Impact Thanksgiving Boxes

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Transforming Communities Together

Annual Thanksgiving Food Distribution

What a blessing to join arms and serve our communities together this Thanksgiving season. We have been blessed by the contributions of many churches, organizations and individuals to make this Thanksgiving Food Box / Turkey distribution possible. Thank you for being the arms and feet to go distribute this food in Jesus’ name.


You must be available to pick up your boxes at the following time and location. We will not be able to store your boxes for you so please ensure you or a representative (contact info below) will be available.


Los Angeles Christian School 1620 W. 20th Street Los Angeles, CA 90007

Monday, November 25th Between 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Please refer any questions to Pastor Robert Vazquez (323) 810-4452


Note that we do require all churches/ministries that participate to submit to World Impact a small report and thank you that we can pass on to our sponsors (a short heart-felt story or words of thanks and a picture).

Nombre de la Iglesia o el Ministerio
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Name of Contact Person
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Contact Person's Phone #
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Numero de Cajas Pedidas (1-12) (Nota: No podemos garantizar que recibirá todo lo que pidió, pero intentaremos a honrar su petición hasta 12 cajas.)